A Trusted Law Firm Near You for Family Needs

Work with a Professional, Approachable Team That Understands Your Worries

When disputes involve the family, they’re often very emotionally charged. Don't let your rights get overlooked--work with trustworthy family lawyers near you for practical, cost-efficient resolutions.

Protect your family's future interests--whether divorce, child custody, or property disputes--with Lancaster Chown & Welch LLP. We provide knowledgeable advice and help you make rational decisions in a time of great emotional upheaval.

Book a with a family lawyer near you in Niagara. We'll explain your rights and what your next steps should be.

A Full-Service Family Law Firm Near You that Cares

Take advantage of our extensive family law practice and save yourself the hassle of working with multiple legal counsels. A team of over 35 lawyers will assist with all family-related issues:

  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Child and spousal support
  • Child custody
  • Wills & estates
  • Powers of attorney
  • Parental disputes
  • Marital contracts
  • Real estate
  • Property rights
  • International family rights

Get peace of mind with approachable family lawyers near you that take the time to understand your concerns and wishes. We devise strategies that align with your goals and help resolve matters efficiently.

Don't Let Family Legal Issues Overwhelm You

Loss of property, child rights, and breakdown of relationships can be overwhelming for anyone. You need a compassionate team that can ably advise you on the best steps forward, not just a divorce lawyer near you to resolve the matter quickly.

Benefit from a legal team that:

  • Brings a wider perspective to your case.
  • Hears your concerns and devises strategies to suit your priorities.
  • Safeguards your personal and financial interests.
  • Prepares you for negotiations, discovery meetings, and trials.
  • Shields you from unfair scrutiny and false accusations.
  • Helps resolve matters expeditiously.

If your case goes to trial, we have the resources and expertise to represent you formidably.

100+ Years of Helping People Lead Happier, More Peaceful Lives

Trust a team of over 35 lawyers and 115-strong legal professionals for practical, knowledgeable advice. We are responsible, respected members of the Niagara community, associated with organizations and causes such as:

  • Distress Centre Niagara
  • Men's Divorce Centre
  • FACS Niagara Foundation
  • United Way of Niagara
  • George's Ukrainian Orthodox Church
  • West Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation Board
  • Niagara Falls Hospital Foundation

Our team brings over 100 years of combined experience and a track record of success. We have extensive experience representing clients at trial, including before administrative tribunals, the Ontario Court of Appeal, and the Ontario Superior Court.

Take Your First Step to Resolving Family Legal Issues

Don't let your emotions eat at you--speak to experienced family and divorce lawyers near you today. You'll work with a family law team that listens to your concerns and helps protect you and your interests.

Discuss your problems worry-free: all consultations are completely confidential.

Book a consultation today. We'll tell you what your next steps should be, explain legal fees, and help you take control of your future.

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