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Our Construction Lawyers provide complete advisory and litigation services for property owners, design professionals, suppliers of building components, products and materials, construction managers, contractors and subcontractors beginning with the bidding process through the solving of disputes by way of trial or alternative dispute resolution processes such as mediation and arbitration.

Members of our Construction Law Practice Group represent numerous construction companies and specialize in the drafting of construction contracts, lien registrations and litigation of disputes arising from liens, bond claims and all other construction-related claims. The claims handled by our lawyers are often lien and fee disputes, but can also include trust fund claims, construction delay claims, alleged faulty work and property damage claims, and the architectural and engineering malpractice claims.

  1. Lien Claims
  2. Lien Representation
  3. Construction Contracts

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    Frequently Asks Questions

    Whether you are purchasing a newly constructed property, or a previously built one, you should retain lawyers for closing. Beyond carrying out title and lien checks or advising you on liabilities and property taxes, lawyers are instrumental in the financing process. Mortgage lenders will usually not disburse funds to the purchaser but instead channel them through the lawyers. 

    You can sue the city for a dip in the road in front of your home if you have suffered property damage because of it. In such a case, you may be able to sue the city for negligence in maintaining roads and facilities. 

    Speak to our construction lawyers about more cost-efficient options other than a lawsuit, including representation before city officials, and a complaint to the municipality.

    Construction lawyers help developers, REITs, and property managers reduce risk, protect their interests, and keep projects moving on time. Our lawyers advise and represent clients for:

    • Construction Financing
    • Zoning
    • Employment matters
    • Negotiations
    • Drafting and vetting contracts
    • And more

    You will receive pragmatic, knowledgeable solutions from a team that has helped shape the Niagara skyline.

    The cost will vary depending on the situation and different options available.

    Construction transactions and projects are some of the most complex matters, which is why we cannot provide a price before speaking to you. Once you speak to one of our lawyers, you will be able to see a more comprehensive look at what you will have to pay.

    If you are looking for the most experienced team of construction lawyers in St. Catharines and Niagara Falls, you have found it. With 140+ years of experience, we are part of Niagara's roots. We advise and represent clients in all construction-related matters and disputes.

    Yes, it’s ideal if you work with a lawyer for a construction loan, as lenders are usually more comfortable disbursing funds to lawyers than to borrowers or contractors directly. Your lawyers can also help with finding construction financing, drawing up agreements, and advising on special mortgage conditions that could impact your project.

    Some of the most common construction disputes in Ontario come from:

    • Errors and omissions in contracts.
    • Differing site conditions, such as unanticipated subsurface conditions.
    • Failure to meet contractual obligations.
    • Health and safety-related issues.
    • Zoning-related issues.

    You can identify and address potential areas of concern pre-emptively with experienced construction lawyers.

    The Construction Act of Ontario, along with its associated regulations, governs construction activity in Ontario. It covers a wide range of issues, including:

    • Financing
    • Invoicing
    • Project completion
    • Labour matters
    • Liability
    • Holdbacks
    • Liens
    • Dispute adjudication

    Ontario’s construction laws and policies can become overwhelming very quickly, which is why you should discuss your concerns with experienced construction lawyers.

    Consult a construction lawyer before you begin work on a building project to plan and prepare effectively. A lawyer will be able to guide and assist you with financing, city permissions, zoning, construction contracts, and more.

    Find out how we help builders and developers maximize the value of their investment.