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The Commercial Litigation Practice Group represents a broad range of clients in litigation matters that arise during the course of conducting business. Our clients are financial institutions, corporations of various sizes, shareholders, partnerships, sole-proprietorships, and individuals. 

Our Commercial Litigation lawyers also go to great lengths to help clients minimize liability. They routinely educate clients on techniques to limit corporate and personal liability.

  1. Bankruptcy and creditors' rights
  2. Fraud
  3. Lender liability
  4. Break of Contract Cases

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Commercial lawyers advise and represent clients in negotiation, commercial transactions, risk management, and court proceedings. We advise clients on real estate matters, organization structuring, intellectual property, and more. Our team helps clients draw up and vet contracts, understand liability, and grow their businesses responsibly.

    In a legal context, commercial refers to the wide range of laws and policies that impact how businesses operate. Commercial matters can include everything from structuring the organization to managing risk and protecting intellectual property. 

    A commercial lawyer can help you effectively manage customer contracts, supplier agreements, distribution agreements, and more.

    Intellectual property is a good example of a common commercial concern that businesses face, given nearly 1 in 5 Canadian businesses own intellectual property. Whether it’s sharing patents with manufacturers for production or trademarks with franchisees, businesses must ensure contracts, protect their rights and be clear about the use and transfer of their intellectual property.

    That’s a very common question! Corporate lawyers are more concerned with the creation, organization, and management of the organizational structure. They assist with shareholdings, partnerships, and corporate governance.

    Commercial lawyers assist with matters that impact business and operations, such as property law, zoning, labour laws, franchising, and more.

    Civil law is a very broad term that captures all non-criminal legal matters, whether they relate to individuals or businesses. Commercial law comes under the umbrella of civil law but is focused on business activities, such as employment contracts, supplier relations, product liability, and business-related matters.

    Some of the most common commercial law issues relate to:

    • Good faith in contracts.
    • Intellectual property protection.
    • Securities sales and transfers.
    • Enforcement of arbitration agreements.
    • Duty of performance in contracts.
    • Product recall and liability.
    • Bankruptcy proceedings.
    • Public interest litigation.

    For up-to-date advice on evolving commercial law issues, speak to our lawyers about your business.

    If your business partner has breached your contract, speak to our commercial lawyers immediately. We can advise on a wide range of issues, including settlement, expulsion, liability, damages, and more. We will advise you on how to protect your interests while preventing disputes from distracting you from growth.

    Lancaster Chown & Welch LLP brings nearly 140 years of representing some of the biggest businesses in the Niagara Region. In that time, we have shaped the Niagara skyline and helped businesses such as yours thrive. 

    You will work with a team of 35 knowledgeable and strong lawyers and 115 legal professionals who can advise and represent you on all commercial matters. 

    As a full-service law firm, we advise and represent businesses on all commercial matters. We assist start-ups and businesses large and small on aspects such as:

    • Corporate structuring
    • Supplier contracts
    • Manufacturer agreements
    • Zoning
    • Employment contracts
    • And much more

    You will receive up-to-date, business-centric advice from a team that shares your entrepreneurial spirit.

    We are committed to providing exceptional value to every client and we offer competitive rates. Due to the complexity and uniqueness of commercial matters, we can’t provide a ‘price list’ of legal fees; please speak to our lawyers to discuss your matter and receive an estimate of our legal fees.