Disability Claim Denied? You Are Not Alone.

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Unfortunately, denials of long-term disability benefits are extremely common in Canada.  While insurance companies do not publish the statistics on denied claims, we can only assume it is higher than it is with CPP.  The denial rate for CPP disability benefits is over 60 percent, so it is very likely that your initial application for private disability benefits will be denied. 

After the initial denial letter, your insurer must provide you with an opportunity to appeal the decision.  However, in most instances, the answer is still the same DENIED.  At this point, most people surprisingly accept the denial and no NOTHING.  What they don’t realize is they have the right to start a court action.  You can hire a lawyer, who will gather all the medical evidence and start the claim for you.

While the thought of meeting with a lawyer and starting a court action may seem overwhelming at first, especially when you are sick and/or injured, it is a very straightforward process.  In fact, most insurance companies do not want their internal practices under the scrutiny of the court.  So, in many instances, they prefer to settle these matters relatively quickly.

We offer a free initial meeting to discuss your denial and answer any questions.  If you decide to hire our firm to represent you, you do not pay any money upfront and we only get paid when you do.

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