How to prevent your child from being bitten by a dog

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Approximately 5,000 dog bites are recorded each year in Ontario and occur more often to children. As children are smaller, the neck and facial area, especially the lips, nose and cheek, are the most common areas for them to be bitten.

Take the following steps to prevent your child from being bitten by a dog:

Never leave a child alone with a dog.

Teach your child to always allow a dog to have its personal boundaries. A dog will also bite if it interprets a movement, such as invasion of its territory, as a hostile action.

Know how to identify a dog that is prepared to bite, the following may happen:

The dog will bare its teeth

The hairs on the dog’s back will rise

The dog will stare directly at you

The dog’s legs will stiffen

Educate your child on what to do if they think a dog might bite:

Do not run away but stay calm

Stand still with your feet together, your arms against your chest and your fists below your neck

Do not look directly in the dog’s eyes as this will be interpreted as a sign of aggression, but downwards and to one side

By standing still, the dog will hopefully lose interest

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