How to stay focused while driving

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Distracted driving caused at least 5,500 deaths and nearly 450,000 injures in 2009 and is responsible for around 8,000 accidents per day in the United States. With so many sensory distractions buzzing all around us – it is very easy to become distracted while driving. And with the evolution of the modern tech based car, gadgets, buttons and entertainment devices can steal your eyes from the road. All it takes is a second to look away from the road for everything to drastically change.

Instead of focusing on distracted driving – let’s concentrate on focused driving! Consider these easy suggestions to remain focused on the important task at hand.

1.    Plan ahead  

It’s important to take a proactive approach when heading out on the road. Everything should be taken care of ahead of time: clothes, makeup, bathroom, directions and food. Create a checklist for yourself and tick them off one by one to ensure that you are fully prepared for your excursion.

2.    Toss your phone away 

Not literally of course – but the temptation to glance at your cellphone can prove to be too much for some people. While it is important to have a cellphone with you while driving in case of an accident, don’t let it distract you from the road. If it is far too tempting, then toss it in the backseat so you won’t feel obligated to look at it.

3.    Take breaks

This also goes back to the proactively planning stage. If you know you will be on the road for extended periods of time, you should map out rest stops every hour or so. If you have planned your trip properly and built in extra time so you aren’t stressed or rushed – there’s no need to hurry.

Distracted driving is an easily preventable cause that just takes a bit of refocusing in order to cure. If everyone did their very minor part, driving would become a lot less stressful and worrisome. If you were not at fault for a car accident – you may be able to seek damages from the insurance company of the individuals responsible. Our experienced lawyers at Lancaster Chown & Welch LLP can be your advocate in seeking appropriate compensation and benefits for your injuries.