Justice for All: Personal Injury Lawyers’ Contributions to Safer Communities

Personal Injury Lawyers

Compensation is the buzzword many people think of when referring to personal injury lawyers in St. Catharines. While lawyers do help victims receive fair compensation from negligent parties after accidents, their primary role is to contribute to a safer society overall.

Most personal injury lawyers follow this path to make a difference for their communities. In this blog, we will uncover the main ways that personal injury lawyers do so.

How Personal Injury Lawyers in St. Catharines Make Communities Safer

1. Holding Negligent Parties Accountable

Injury lawyers in St. Catharines help ensure that businesses, municipalities, and individuals are held accountable for their actions. By pursuing compensation and legal action on behalf of victims, lawyers encourage negligent parties to raise safety standards and help avert such incidents in the future.

2. Lawyers in St. Catharines Advocate for Victims

Compassion and guidance can be in short supply after an accident, especially as the victim and their loved ones attempt to fight the unfair fight with insurance companies and large organizations. Personal injury lawyers advocate vigorously for clients, ensuring their cases are represented properly and settled fairly.

The contingency fee structure, better known as “no win, no fee,” also plays a part in this line of work. It ensures that justice isn’t reserved only for those who can afford to pay for it; instead, it allows victims to shift the risk of legal action onto their lawyers.

3. Raising the Bar for Safety Standards Across the Province

These lawyers help to raise safety standards across the province by pursuing justice. From helping raise driving standards to protecting Ontarians’ right to engage in leisure activities, lawyers help establish precedents. Over time, they may be incorporated into legislation, enhancing peoples’ rights and preventing similar situations in the future.

4. Uncovering Failures to Meet the Standard

Lawyers’ investigations can uncover patterns of negligence and unsafe practices. McGee vs. Farazli et al., for instance, found a doctor repeatedly and routinely flouting medical safety standards, endangering the lives of dozens of patients.

Class actions, such as these, aren’t just about righting the wrong done to unsuspecting individuals; they also serve as wake-up calls for other officials who may be behaving similarly.

5. Supporting Organizations That Support Victims

Virtually every member of Lancaster Chown & Welch LLP contributes to their community through charitable work, education, helping the less fortunate, and supporting victims. Our lawyers choose to make a difference in their community, fight for the ones who cannot, and ensure justice.

6. Engaging in Community Outreach

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to fighting for justice is a lack of awareness. Victims and their families often aren’t aware that they are entitled to better treatment than insurance companies offer. Many accident victims don’t understand that if it occurred because of someone else’s negligence, they are owed compensation and entitled to rest and rehabilitation until they are back on their feet.

Lawyers help spread this awareness by sharing insights with their communities and empowering individuals to push for better treatment.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers in St. Catharines Fight for You

At Lancaster Chown & Welch LLP, we have been at the pinnacle of personal injury law for over 140 years. Our lawyers help victims receive the compensation they deserve and help propagate positive changes in their communities.

To learn more about the work we do, get in touch with us.