Your Ally in the Process: Why Divorce Lawyers Matter

Divorce Lawyer

Divorces are difficult, painful, and scary, says Psychology Today. Add Ontario’s complex divorce laws, and suddenly the whole process can seem labyrinthine. This is why many people rely on divorce lawyers in St. Catharines.

Keep reading to find out how divorce lawyers near you don’t just provide legal counsel, but they also help you get through an emotionally turbulent time and safeguard your interests.

Why Divorce Lawyers in St. Catharines Are Your Indispensable Allies

1. Navigating Ontario’s Complex Family Laws

From distributing property to child custody, there are a lot of avenues to cover when it comes to Ontario’s family laws. The Family Law Act is the tip of the iceberg; there are the continual amendments you need to consider, and the ever-growing library of case law too. An experienced lawyer can help you look through this complex system of laws to find favourable outcomes.

2. Protecting Your Assets

The value of assets acquired during the marriage should be shared equally upon divorce. However, there are a variety of exceptions that can apply to property (such as gifts received). A divorce attorney can ensure you are aware of your property rights and prevents your spouse from concealing property that you have part ownership of.

3. Child Custody and Support

Nearly half of active divorce cases in Canada involve child custody, access, and support issues. Skilled divorce lawyers near you can advocate for the best interests of your child, ensuring a positive outcome for your family. As inflation has soared, divorce lawyers have helped parents secure adequate child support, even after children turn 18.

4. Alimony and Spousal Support

Determining alimony and spousal support payments requires complex calculations and negotiation. Lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to calculate amounts and negotiate vigorously on your behalf.

5. Representing You at Mediation

A divorce case doesn’t immediately mean you will have to go to court. Mediation is a cost-effective way to resolve disputes and avoid the courtroom. An experienced lawyer can represent you at mediation effectively and advocate for your rights.

6. Drafting Separation and Divorce Agreements

Divorce involves a lot of paperwork, from separation agreements to parenting plans if children are involved. Your lawyer will draft these documents to ensure they align with your best interests and minimize the risk of future disputes.

7. Saving Time and Money

Retaining a divorce attorney may seem like an additional expense, but lawyers can save you from protracted disputes. They also fight for a more favourable settlement, meaning your lawyers help to pay for themselves in the long run.

8. A Guiding Voice Throughout the Divorce

Divorces are emotional rollercoasters, and often you feel you are all alone. Your lawyer isn’t just your legal guide. They are a confidant who understands your struggles and will help you make objective decisions.

In a Haze of Emotions, Lawyers Help You Take Clear Steps Forward

Having a lawyer during a divorce is vital, as they will help protect your rights and secure your family’s future. Book a complimentary, no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs with one of our experienced divorce lawyers in St. Catharines. We have been trusted counsel for families across the Niagara region for over 140 years.